We offer a number of services regarding new raw land sites:

  • Site Preparation
  • Road Construction
  • Tower Foundations
  • Shelter and BTS Foundations
  • Equipment Foundation
  • Landscaping
  • Underground/Overhead Utility
  • Tower Erection
  • Electrical
  • Fencing and CMU Walls
  • Grounding Systems

Collocation services include:

  • Tower Extensions & Structural Upgrades
  • Coax and Antenna Install
  • Tenant Improvements
  • M/W Installation
  • BTS Installation
  • Generator Installation
  • Stealthing Structures

Repairs and maintenance services include:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Sweep Testing
  • Trouble Shoot and Repair Antenna System (Customer Specs)
  • Tower Inspection
  • C.O.W. Deployment
  • Generator Deployment
  • QA Inspections
  • Tower Lighting Repair
  • Tower Painting

Our third-party testing and trouble-shooting services ensure that your build complies with carrier-specific standards.

  • Our line sweep and PIM testing services ensure RF system performance and coax/connector/antenna quality and integrity.
  • Our fiber test services ensure that each cable tested will be certified to meet carrier-specific standards.  No good fiber cable will be rejected and no bad cables are missed, saving time and money on the build.
  • Our RET services ensure that each antenna is set up per the standards set by the RF engineer on the RFDS.  This is important to ensure minimal interference and enhanced coverage to specific areas.  Full documentation is then provided that your electronic tilts are set exactly per your RFDS.

Tri-square Construction provides full trouble-shooting services using all of the tools listed above to solve common problems including VSWR and RSSI issues, as well as most common alarm issues.